Posted on Feb 22, 2019

Photography by Maddie Jay

The official website was completely redone! Every product was edited and now all of the prices are lower and the product quality is higher. There is a new "hire" page where you can contact me about hiring me for whatever you need. The gallery page was redone and we have many new photos up. The gallery contains a small portfolio of some work that I've done and the hire page also has a small portfolio, but photos of people rather than wildlife and nature. More features and new photos are yet to come, so check in! Subscribe to the email list for updates on events I'll be selling at, new features or changes to the website, and codes for discounts on products. There will never be spam messages to clutter your inbox. I try to post daily on my Instagram account @photosbymaddiejay. Check out the official website by clicking the "Learn more" button below or going to
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